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CSS display:table-cell child width bug in Firefox and IE

While working with a grid of product images that could vary in height, I wanted to vertically align them in their respective containers. I chose to use display: table and display: table-cell with a max-width on each image, but Firefox and IE ignored the max-width.

While browser testing, I realized the images ignored max-width: 100% if it was inside an element with display: table-cell. See the image below for an example.


View the problem code in this JSFiddle. Try it in Chrome/Safari or Firefox/IE to see the differences.

Open Source Bridge: Making your mobile web app accessible

While attending Open Source Bridge in June 2014 I watched Eitan Isaacson talk about mobile web accessibility. Firefox OS is completely HTML5, so it’s pushing forward areas of accessibility that don’t currently exist. Here are my notes on his talk, Making your mobile web app accessible.

Firefox OS

  • If you want to make an app for Firefox OS, you don’t really have a choice outside of HTML
  • If you can make a website, you can create an app for Firefox OS
  • End goal isn’t world domination
  • Expectation is to feel native

Open Source Bridge: Trust, Community, and Automatic Updates

While attending Open Source Bridge in June 2014 I watched Andrew Nacin talk about how WordPress used the trust of their users to enable automatic software updates. Moreover, he discussed how to handle more complex updates in the future. Here are my notes on his talk, Trust, Community, and Automatic Updates.

Why update?

  • Security
  • Latest version of software
  • Seamless user experience
    • What version of Chrome do you run? How about Facebook?
  • Limit the self-hosting pain

What I Do

  • Custom WordPress themes
  • User flow planning
  • Responsive web development
  • Facebook applications
  • Integrated SEO

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