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Only Share What You Read

I recently read an article on Time.com regarding myths about the web. Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, discusses a few misconceptions we have of the web, and backs it up with statistics he’s gathered at his real-time analytics company. The second myth discusses the embraced currency of social sharing.

The Myth: The more we share the more we read. In one sentence, this sums up perfectly:

“Social sharing is public and suggests that someone has not only read the content but is actively recommending it to other people.”

The Importance of Documentation

Documenting your code is something that is often overlooked or tacked on to the end of the development process. I argue – depending on your team size or project type – documentation can be as important as the code itself.

Below we’ll walk through the effects a lack of documentation can have based on your team size, and why it’s overly important on public-facing projects.

Things You Need To Know About Working From Home

I’ve been working from home since September 2013. It’s been great. I wrote about how working from home boosts productivity even with a few drawbacks. What I didn’t share, was the really important stuff. Here are five tips to mastering the work-from-home lifestyle.

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