I am a front end web developer working at Shopify.

Background and Education

I was born in Victoria, British Columbia but moved to Oakville, Ontario when I was only five. I attended The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College in London, Ontario and left with a Bachelors in Media, Information and Technoculture from Western and a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production from Fanshawe.

Working Life

Starting as “the web guy” at a print shop in London, Ontario, I quickly found my passion was in creating a great user experience. I focused my professional life on mastering forward-thinking CSS while continually evolving my backend capabilities. I’ve worked with some of the largest brands in Canada and am now working full time for Shopify.


For the past half decade I’ve been taking on clients of various shapes and backgrounds on a freelance basis. They range from student entrepreneurs to medium size businesses and everything in between. While I am working full-time, I enjoy working on side projects that allow my creative side to flourish. If you are looking for a new or redesigned website, get in touch with me and we can discuss it further.