WestJet Vacations

My Role

Front end developer

This project was completed while at TAXI

The Brief

As a follow up to the WestJet.com redesign, TAXI began a nearly yearlong journey to give WestJet Vacations a much-needed revamp. The site needed a revised architecture, updated design and overall update in ease of use.

The Solution

Countless people at TAXI worked for months to turn this project out. My role involved sharing the front-end development workload with another developer. We were tasked with all of the CSS styling for the site while our senior developer took care of the back-end systems to make the site work as flawlessly as it does.

One of our largest hurdles was to avoid using endless images for rounded corners, gradients and shadows. We turned to CSS3. While it made our jobs easier for styling elements in modern browsers, it brought up issues across older browsers (including IE6-8) that do not support CSS3. Not only did we gracefully degrade the design when needed, but we also found a way to make the basic CSS3 styles work all the way back to IE6.